Read the Interview: Tiny Worlds: Georg Brewer Discusses Creation of the "Seinfeld Set Replica"
Alternative Mindz says:
Seinfeld's Iconic Apartment Living Room, Recreated as Fine-Art Miniature - The limited-edition miniature-to-scale diorama, is replicated down to the finest possible detail...The attention to detail adds to the authenticity. For  example, the baseball posters that adorn Jerry’s apartment including James Rizzi’s serigraph “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” and the vintage “Memphis Chick” placard. Fine mesh covers the speakers, coffee cups and plates are stacked in the kitchen cupboards, books line the shelves and Jerry’s bike hangs from the hall.
The Coolector says:
We know we’re not alone in our love of this New York based comedy and were delighted to stumble across an extraordinary piece of design in the form of this amazing Seinfeld Apartment Model which, as the name suggests, is a scale model of Jerry’s apartment...Seinfeld fans will need to move fast if they want to get Jerry’s apartment on their desk and the incredible attention to detail that has gone into the crafting of this cracking piece of memorabilia really is second to none...
Gothamist says:
You Can Buy a Tiny "Seinfeld" Apartment for $400 - The Seinfeld apartment is one of the more realistic New York City television apartments—a pretty standard, no-frills one-bedroom, featuring a basic couch, basic decorations, and one not-very-basic neighbor. Classic NYC living. And now you can own a tiny version of it to put inside your own realistic NYC apartment...
Dude I Want That says:
Better put away those lobster-crushing man hands before you handle this forthcoming Seinfeld Set Replica. At 16-1/2" wide x 11-1/2" deep x 6-1/2" high, Jerry's miniaturized apartment contains over 100 hand crafted, authentically reproduced elements from the show, including the furniture, wall-mounted bike, light fixtures, and operational front door. (But you'll have to 3D-print your own Kramer to bust through it...)
Gizmodo says:
For $400 You Can Own a Flawlessly Detailed Tiny Replica of Seinfeld's Apartment - It’s quite possibly one of the most recognizable apartments in TV history, and if you’ve been looking to fill a Costanza-sized hole in your heart ever since the show went off the air, you can now own a tiny replica of the Seinfeld apartment, recreated with an incredible attention to detail...
Boing Boing says:
Pre-order a festishistically detailed 1:26 replica of Seinfeld's apartment 5a set - It's $400 to pre-order these 1:26 replicas of the set from Sienfeld, created by the show's production designer Tho. E. Azzari and miniaturist Alan Wolfson (they're $500 retail)...