What is a Limited Edition?

Creating each unique Seinfeld Set Replica is a painstaking process. Only a limited number of 5,000 replicas will be created and each replica and Studio Set Artifact card will be individually hand numbered. The edition number of the replica will be randomly selected and shipped to consumers. Replicas with specific edition numbers cannot be selected.

How can I get one of my very own?

As a limited edition, only 5,000 Replicas will be created and can only be ordered through this site.  

Can I order a Replica from anywhere around the world?

Our arrangement with the Studio allows for shipments only to locations within the United States, its territories and Canada. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Which TV season is the Replica based on?

Jerry’s famous apartment changed quite a bit over the nine seasons of the TV show and the Replica is based on the last few seasons. Through special access to the show’s original blueprints and development materials courtesy of the original production crew, the Seinfeld Set Replica has been meticulously recreated for Seinfeld’s most passionate and discerning fans – like you!

How big is the Seinfeld Replica?

Ideally suited for prominent display on coffee tables and book shelves, this object of beauty is masterfully crafted at 1:26 scale, measuring 16.5”W x 11.5”D x 6.5”H.

What is the Replica made of?

The Replica is constructed with over 100 unique miniature elements – the furniture, kitchen cabinets, lighting fixtures and even a working version of Jerry’s front door! Special distressed paint processes and materials capture the apartment’s realistic lived-in look and utilize numerous materials, such as metal, plastic, wood and fabric. Each piece is hand painted and created with an emphasis on achieving the highest quality and authenticity in a reduced scale.

Is the “Bonus” piece an actual section of a Seinfeld door?

We were incredibly fortunate to be given access to the archives at Warner Bros. where all of their movie and TV sets and props are stored. By special arrangement, one of the famous 5A doors from the set was given to us for this project. The door has been cut down into small 1.5” swatches and mounted on a special hand numbered commemorative card so you can own an actual piece of Seinfeld history if you Pre-Order Now.

Can I just order the Bonus commemorative card by itself?

There is a limited amount of material that can be taken for the one-of-a-kind set door to make these cards. These unique collectible cards are only available with the purchase of the Seinfeld Set Replica.

Will I have to assemble the Replica myself?

In order to deliver the most realistic details imaginable it would be impossible to ship the apartment fully assembled. All of the main structure of the apartment will arrive preassembled and all you will have to do is follow the simple guide provided to easily place the final pieces in place by hand… just like you were moving in.

What if I have a problem with my Replica?

Every care has been taken to ensure the highest quality product is delivered to your door in the best condition. However, if there is a problem when your Replica arrives you can contact us by filling out our contact form or emailing us at info@setreplicas.com


Payment Options
We currently accept all major credit cards including VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card. We also accept PayPal.

What is the price?
This unique art collectible is usually available for $499.99 as long as replicas are available. 

Can I Order Without A Credit Card?
No, we’re sorry but we cannot accept check or money orders at the present time.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?
Weekday orders received before 3PM EST are usually shipped the same day while orders after 3PM EST are shipped the next day. Weekend orders are shipped on Mondays. We will send you a shipping confirmation email when we ship the Replica. Most customers in the continental USA receive their order within a few days of shipping. We will contact you by email if there are any delays.

Will there be a charge for shipping?
Regular ground shipping is FREE in the USA and $59 to Cananda.  Expedited 3-day shipping is available for customers in the continental USA for $45. The expedited 3-day fee will be displayed in the shopping cart when checking out.  

May I order by phone?
Yes, please call: 1-844-yada yada (1-844-923-2923) M-F, 9AM to 5PM EST