About Seinfeld

NBC’s Seinfeld was one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time. For almost 10 years (1989 to 1998) Jerry Seinfeld and his dysfunctional friends Elaine, George and Kramer brought so much laughter to family rooms across America. The hilarious stories about “nothing” revolved around their lives in New York City and in Jerry’s famous apartment “5A”. Even almost two decades later, Seinfeld remains one of the most watched and re-watched programs in history. Yada, yada, yada


Tho. E. Azzari - The TV show’s distinguished original Production Designer, provided creative consultation for the project. Azzari, a key collaborator on 168 (out of 173) total episodes, pulled sketches, Polaroids and color swatches from his personal archives to ensure the miniaturized Seinfeld Set Replica was faithful to the original, life-size set.

Alan Wolfson - A noted fine-art designer of one-of-a-kind miniature environments, and whose extraordinary works of art have been showcased in galleries and museums around the world, provided creative advice.

Rvckvs International - Overseeing the design, development and manufacturing is Rvckvs International (Rvckvs.com) the uncompromising collectibles studio run by noted industry veterans Georg Brewer and Robb Gamboa.

Mass Operations - An internationally-acclaimed architectural design studio that translated photography of the original set into a detailed digital sculpture then used to produce over 50 individual parts seen in the finished diorama.

Vintage, on-set photographs and other production materials courtesy of the Tho. Azzari's personal archives.

Related video commentary copyright Tho. Azzari.

Jofoto Corp - Seinfeld Set Replica photography.

Mike Fallavollita - Video editing and production.

Artuitive would like to thank the following companies and individuals for their generous permission to reproduce the iconic art seen on Jerry’s apartment walls in miniature on the replica:

Memphis Chicks courtesy of Duffy Design Group
King Kong courtesy of Paramount Pictures
Porsche 356 West Coast Holiday XV poster courtesy of Porsche 356 Registry, Inc. Art by Joe Goebel
Take Me Out to The Ballgame courtesy of Art Licensing Int. GmbH.  www.artlicensint.com
Thoroughbreds from Zuffenhausen Porsche poster: artwork courtesy of the artist Ken Rush